The Weakley County Press - September 20, 2022

The Weakley County Press
Welcome to the Online Edition of The Weakley County Press! Effective Jan. 1, there is a fee to view online.

The fee is managed by an online pay service called PayPal and will cost $40 a year, 6 months for 30$ or $5 a day. Classified, regional obituaries and Friends and Neighbors will remain free. New features such as a local event calendar, crossword puzzles and a photo gallery for locally-submitted photos of family, friends and events are free, as well.

For existing print subscribers, the online publication is available for an additional $5 per year.

The pages will appear in a PDF form of the daily paper that can be zoomed in and read.

The new website also acts as a plus to advertisers who buy ads in the paper because now their ads will appear online and in print.

Ads online can be linked straight to local business’s websites (for those who advertise on the website).

The goal is for the website to incorporate more of an interactive quality than the former website. It aims to be simple, efficient, flexible and convenient for its users.

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